Pride Sign - Completer

Pride Sign - Completer
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Display your Colorado Trail pride with this polycarve sign.  With a slot in the back you're able to hang it on a wall in your home or business for all to see.  You might be surprised with the conversations it starts.  Made out of the same material as many of The Colorado Trail's intersection signs with a brown exterior and white core.  Buy yours today!

Plaque size is 5 7/8" x 8 3/8".  Slot in back is 3/8" wide.


THANK YOU! Your purchase helps the CT Foundation sustain the volunteer maintenance of The Colorado Trail. Your order will include a $5.00 handling fee plus the calculated shipping expected.

FINAL: *All sales final.* Please review your order carefully before placing. Due to the small size of our organization and the challenge of maintaining a 567 mile trail, we are unable to process refunds/exchanges.




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