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CT Topo Map Book
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CT Map Book, Revised for 2018.

Topo maps for the entire CT, 100% up to date.  Covers all 567-miles of The Colorado Trail, including CT Collegiate West & Collegiate East, showing all trail reroutes pertinent in 2018. Also covers each of the five bicycle wilderness detours mandatory for cyclists.

Shaded relief, full color topo maps showing the entire Colorado Trail in great detail.  The CT line is highly accurate; it shows every corner along the way.  Along the line are 1200 waypoints (milepoints, approximately every half mile) that help you track your progress and navigate.  This map set with topo, line, and milepoints helps you plan as you travel, alerting you to upcoming water sources and terrain that may be suitable for camping. The Map Book precision also assists users in coordinating rendevous with friends and family.  Magnetic declinations are provided for compass users.

Book can be disassembled allowing you to carry just what you need.  Toner-based printing is water resistant.  (Paper, though sturdy, is not waterproof and packing in a Ziploc bag is recommended.)

Bike Detours - To assist cyclists, book includes maps showing each bicycle detour around the Wilderness areas.

Collegiate West - Includes the 80 miles added to the CT for the 2013 trail season, the "Collegiate West," as well as all of the reroutes open for the 2016 trail season.  Read more about the Collegiate West on - CLICK HERE.

Map Book Details - 

  • Scale: approx. 1 inch = 3,000 feet
  • 92 pages
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 15 oz.
  • spiral bound to lay flat for easy use
  • paperback
  • magnetic declinations for compass users

Map Book More Info - Additional information is available at Bear Creek Survey website page for the Colorado Trail Map Book.

Waypoints - Corresponding with CT milepoints in the Map Book, the GPS waypoint data is made available FREE.  These waypoints can be transferred into on-trail GPS units made by Garmin and others.  Click here for FREE DOWNLOADABLE WAYPOINTS LIST (electronic version) via Bear Creek Survey website page


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