Trail Magic Sauce - Powder Keg

Trail Magic Sauce - Powder Keg
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Powder Keg BBQ Glaze and Grilling Sauce starts off with the sweetness of citrus and tropical spices and then tops it off with a blast of habanero peppers.

Trail Inspired - Notes from the creator of Trail Magic Sauce, Scott Smith

The Trail Magic Sauce product line was inspired by my love of a good BBQ sauce and the great Colorado outdoors. Many of the ideas for my sauces have come from the time my wife Laura and I spent on The Colorado Trail, hiking from Denver to Durango. On our trek we would occasionally come across a cache of goodies called “Trail Magic” left by a “Trail Angel.” Trail Magic seemed like a natural fit for the name of the sauce. Being on the trail there was plenty of time for reflection and conversation. In addition we would pass by many old mining operations and I would often think of my western heritage and my pioneer ancestors who settled in Colorado over 130 years ago.


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