MountainMaps - The Sawatch Range

MountainMaps - The Sawatch Range
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This map covers the COLLEGIATE LOOP, the spectacular 160 mile CT backpacking loop in the Sawatch Range that requires no shuttle.  It also helps CT users CLIMB NEARBY 14ers.

Features of MountainMaps’ new map and guide to the Sawatch Range:

  1. Coverage of the Sawatch Range from Leadville in the north to the junction of the Collegiate West and Collegiate East in the south – covers the Colorado Trail sections 10 to 15. NOTE: This book does not contain the new 23-mile reroute in Collegiate West, brand new in 2014.
  2. Both the Colorado Trail and Continental Divide Trail are highlighted, with over 105 miles of each on the map, as well as the 160-mile long Collegiate Loop possible by connecting the two legs.
  3. Includes fourteen of the state’s 14ers, from Massive south to Shavano, including road and trail approach information for numerous routes.  About half of the 14er routes shown are easily reachable as side trips from the CT.
  4. All road – and trail – mileages between intersections and features are clearly shown on the map.
  5. Two-sided, waterproof/tearproof paper in a small format.  Folds down to only 3.5 x 6.25” to fit in your pocket or pack, and weighs only one ounce!  Unfolded it's 12.5 x 25".
  6. Beautiful shaded relief and tree cover is shown, along with a 400-foot contour interval. The map scale is 1:112,000 – perfect for planning side trips and seeing the range on a single map.
  7. 65+ total hiking trails, along with trail info including length, high/low elevations, and features found along the trail such as historic sites, lakes & streams, views and waterfalls.
  8. 40+ official trailheads are located and indexed, as well as information on whether or not a restroom exists at the trailhead.
  9. 40+ public campgrounds and RV parks are located, with info on the number of sites, reservation and best web site, and whether the campground has showers or flush toilets and running water.
  10. Seven on & near-trail waterfalls and two commercial hot springs are also located and indexed.



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